Train the trainer

Fikr for training – a training for life

Train the trainer program by Jihad Abou Zeid
Train the trainer
Join now the “train the trainer program” to enhance and improve your training capabilities and become a special and exceptional trainer
“Train the trainer program” includes:
1- Personality Development
 – Trainers are special people
 – Trainers have as a coach personality
 – How to pass on the energy to your team members
 – How to create enthusiasm
 – Ability to find logical solutions
 – Personality development to be accepted and respected by the team
 – How to become a leader and lead your team
 – Become a role model
 – Take responsibility of your team
2- Creating your team
 – Choosing members of the team
 – Training the team
3- Managing your Team
 – Segmenting the market
 – Market Methodology
 – Daily follow up
 – Planning ahead
–  Meetings Types
 – Morning meetings
– Evening meetings
4- Creating Incentives
 – Moral incentives
 – Financial incentives
 – Prizes
5- Developing your team’s abilities
 – How to develop enthusiastic salesman’s ability
 – How to promote from salesman to trainer
 – How to promote a trainer to manager assistant
 – How to promote an assistant to a manager of the team
6- How to set daily, monthly, and yearly targets for individual members of the team
– Planning
 – Setting targets
 – Follow up
7- How to set general goals for the team
– Understand the Market
 – Understand your sales people capabilities
8- how to follow up with the team
– Morning Follow ups
 – During the day Follow ups
 – Evening Follow ups
9- Incentive and power meetings
There are different kinds of meetings that should take place daily and regularly:
 – Meetings that would encourage and empower the team members
 – Strict meetings to keep the team members ready
 – Incentive meetings
 – Control meetings
 – Discussions meetings
 – Instructive meetings
 – Energy meetings where the trainer passes his energy and enthusiasm to the team members
Fikr for training – a training for life 

Train the trainer program by Jihad Abou Zeid