Dealing With People


The art of dealing with people

This art of dealing with people course deals with many elements of psychology, behavior, body language and skills of self presentation, along with linguistic skills, using the right words, and approach.  It deals with the following topics:
  • Creating the right first impression in any environment
  • Using body language in the correct way to your advantage and to project a professional image
  • Dealing with people that you meet for the first time and winning them over to your side, including handling difficult people and difficult situations
  • Expressing your ideas clearly and logically, and presenting your point of view using body language to reinforce your ideas positively
  • Importance of truthfulness and sincerity when dealing with people
  • Helping people genuinely and providing support
  • Making friends and building loyalty
  • Mistakes that should never be made
  • Knowing when to speak and when to listen
  • Reading between the lines to understand people’s fears and hesitations and handling these in the prospect of business sales or deals