NLP Training in lebanon
NLP Master practitioner in Lebanon

NLP Master Practitioner Seminar provides in depth training on NLP and techniques.
At the end of the seminar, there is a written test that will result in certification from IUNLP (The International Union of NLP) for the successful participants.

The seminar is in two parts, one is theory and explanation of the NLP and in depth techniques, understanding of the human behavior and the mind wiring. The other part is all about practice, so that the participants can gain hands on experience during the training, and can see and put into action all they have learned during the seminars.

The seminar will cover the following content:

  • Sensory Acuity
  • Kinesthetic (Sense of Touch)
  • Auditory
  • Visual
  • Meta Programs
  • Contemplative / Action-Oriented
  • In time / Through time
  • Independent / Team player
  • Once / Several Times
  • General / Specific
  • Matching / Mismatched
  • Internal / External
  • Toward / Away from
  • Strategies
  • Meta Program Exercise
  • Timeline For Success
  • Timeline Basics
  • Information Gathering
  • Lie / Truth Submodalities Exercise
  • Success Track
  • Personal Trance Words
  • Magic Words
  • Magic Words: Quotes
  • Kinesthetic Swish Exercise
  • Rapport
  • Motivational Metaprograms
  • Logical Levels
  • Logical Levels Exercise
  • New Behavior Generator
  • Words to Avoid
  • Godiva Chocolate Pattern
  • Swish Pattern Exercises
  • Computer Swish
  • The More the More Pattern
  • Analog Marking
  • Embedded Commands
  • Commands
  • Anchoring Exercise
  • The Don’t Pattern
  • Zip Technique
  • Compulsion Blow Out
  • Nested Loops
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Meta Programs
  • Sub-Modality Distinctions
  • Strategies
  • States (eliciting, anchoring, etc.)
  • Buying Decision Rules
  • Storytelling
  • Language Directions
  • Belief Systems Exercise
  • Time-Released Commands
  • Softening Phrases
  • The Stop Pattern
  • Forced Choice
  • Auto Pilot to Success
  • Sliding Anchors
  • Drop Down Through Technique
  • Healing States of the Masters
  • Eye Movement
  • Hammer Exercise
  • Virginia Satir Patterns
  • Virginia Satir – Flex
  • By-pass Words
  • Awareness Pattern
  • Temporal Pattern
  • Spatial Pattern
  • Cause & Effect Pattern
  • Meta Model Introductions
  • Language Patterns
  • Glossary of Common NLP Terms

At the end of the seminar, participants will get a week to review all the information. In conclusion, there will be a written test, which participants must pass in order to get certified by the International Union of NLP. (IUNLP)

NLP Master Practitioner by Jihad Abou Zeid


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