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NLP training in Lebanon

Jihad Abou Zeid, founder of FIKR, is an NLP Master Practitioner and trainer, and the founder of the International Union of NLP, UK.

He is a Business Executive Trainer who is an expert and a top professional in sales training and in dealing with clients. He has written many courses and has trained thousands of trainees in the past 15 years all over the Middle East and North Africa.

His unique training methods has changed many people’s lives and attitudes. The training that Jihad delivers is in the form of presenting the material with live examples, lecturing and direct interaction with all participants, followed by a training workshop and role playing where all participants will take part in groups and as individuals to reenact the principles they have learned.


Jihad Abou Zeid has a Masters Degree in Law, yet he found his real passion in sales.

He started his career as a door to door salesman achieving high sales targets consistently. This, along with his natural HR skills and negotiation skills, helped him to discover his true passion in training and motivating others to achieve star results.

He quickly became a trainer and a sales manager leading a team of 40 salespeople, motivating and helping them to meet their targets. His flare with dealing with people have gained him great respect of both his peers and subordinates.


He is the Regional director for Dynamic Dezyne and a partner, Owner of Realty Lebanon (Lebanon’s Premium Realtor) , founder of IUNLP, UK

Our main strengths is in our human resources and our consultants, who can provide a wide variety of services and training to business executives and individuals in a wide array of topics.

Our skills includes Sales TrainingLeadership Skills, NLP Training, Positive Thinking, Personal Development, Business Consultancy and more.

Our coaching & Training methods vary, according to the topic and the service provided. Sometimes we run workshops with hands on training, so people actually DO rather than giving a lecture. Other times we coach, as we believe that our client already posses most of the resources and answers needed for success, we just help our clients to find and use these resources.

Often we do things by demonstration, and then engagement and inter-activeness, specially since we believe that learning is more effective when practiced and better and longer term results are achieved when done in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

Our courses are tailor made to suit your industry and your company’s particular needs. All training is carried out according to a scientific approach based on human behavior, power of convincing, and the study of positive attitude and its effects on your team.

Our courses are available on demand and address directly the issues faced by your company and team in the market. We work with each and every individual to achieve the required goal. Our approach to training is not the classical classroom approach.

All our NLP courses are certified by The American Union of NLP, where our clients become a certified NLP practitioners. Our NLP techniques are adapted to be used in everyday business situations to achieve desired results.

We train people to deal with people. We investigate the human mind, body language, the power of positive words, the frame of mind of the sales, the impact on the client, and most importantly we teach your sales team how to close the deal.

We train salespeople on how to approach the market and how to think on their feet to handle any situation they may come across. The course provides motivation for the sales team, and builds confidence in the human power to control their life and their circumstances, resulting in highly motivated and successful team.

We focus on building leadership among your sales, and work on individual level to overcome hidden fears and insecurities that may be hindering your sales from achieving their full potential.

Our Sales Training approach is more of a workshop than a lecture. Provided by our own executive sales expert with experience in direct sales and marketing of over 10 years. We have trained and transformed countless number of people into star sales people.

NLP training in Lebanon