Life Coaching Lebanon

Life coaching Lebanon

Fikr for training – a training for life™
Life coaching Lebanon combined with NLP techniques
Our coaching services are based on long experience of helping people change their lives and become achievers.
We offer one to one as well group coaching.
In our coaching program we help individuals, Managers and leaders to achieve positive effects in their lives. To have another perspective and a deeper look to their real potential.
Everyone has all the resources he needs inside him. They just don’t know that. With our coaching program we guide others to discover what already they have, we help them to mold their power, potential and ability to suit the target they want to achieve.

As mentioned above all the resources and capabilities are residing inside you, everybody has them. When people decide or chose a target to achieve all what they have to do is taking all the resources and capabilities they already have and reshape them in order to suit the new target and the objective in order to succeed.
The life coach is NOT a potential creator, yet he is the ONE who takes your hand to show you how to use your OWN resources to achieve your OWN targets.

Every target you chose needs its OWN shape. With our life coaching program combined with NLP you will mold and reshape your resources just to suit your own goals.

The life coach is not the one who sits in the driving seat, yet he is your CO-PILOT who sits beside you to give you the right coordinates to avoid making accidents. The right life coach is the one who helps you to avoid wasting your time, your energy and your direction in order to SUCCEED.
The life coach is the one who cares the most about you. He guides you all the time to what’s best for you in order to achieve and have fun while doing so.
We at Fikr for training – a training for life™, always believe that every person on earth deserves to be aware of his resources.
By making others SUCCEED we accomplish our mission. We simply coach you to create positive and permanent change.

Life coaching Lebanon with NLP

Our coaching methods use a variety of techniques, from helping individuals to find their solutions, as well as using NLP techniques to create reprogramming and to implant new habits into the personality.
By using NLP, we don’t only help others to discover their initial potentials, we help them to emphasize their resources and maintaining their positivity.

Our trainees will learn the following NLP techniques:

– Anchoring
– Connecting your conscious with your Subconscious
– Sensory acuity
– Meta model
– Mental state creation
– Mental state test
– Time line test
– Future pacing
– Learning process
– Eliminating fears
– The ‘ DPFF’ challenge rule
– Changing submodalities
– Decision making strategy
– Decisions test strategy
– Is it for me Strategy
– Visualizing technique
– Start before you start, Finish before you finish
– Grounding formula
– Consistency techniques
– Bye Bye Failure technique
– Perseverance techniques
– Walk your talk Technique

Life coaching Lebanon By Jihad Abou Zeid